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The Show is Over

The show is over.

Months of planning all wrapped up, and an exhausted team leaving the venue.  The last thing anyone wants to do on Monday morning is pick through the bones of the planning, and execution of the build, the performance, and the ROI.

However, ten days after the event is an optimum time to pull the team together and get feedback from everyone involved in all stages of the exhibiton.

Why ten days? Initially, when everyone is exhausted, dealing with customers on the stand for days,  emotions can be frayed at the edges and reflection distorted.

Subsequently the priority in week one, is to sift through the leads and respond to them via email immediately whilst fresh in your customers mind. After 10 days back in the office everyone’s ready to look back on the event at the debrief, and provide pragmatic feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly!

We use a bespoke form that we created for our clients, that enables us to run through the key points of an exhibition. Covering :

  • Pre-Show
  • Planning
  • Execution & Delivery
  • Team Performance
  • KPI and ROI

In general we’re looking for these points (below) to be covered, and then to draw that feedback into a document that builds a plan for equal (or greater) success next time :

  1. Did you capture enough leads?
  2. Did you set KPI’s and exceed them?
  3. What was the average dwell time and interest level?
  4. Did your stand/booth represent the quality of your brand?
  5. Did the Show footfall meet your expectations?
  6. Were you happy with the location of the booth?
  7. How did your team perform?
  8. Did you generate the number of leads you expected?
  9. Did your contractor make the stand build ‘hassle free’ for you?

Our marketing services team can facilitate your debrief, even if you weren’t our client. Just get in touch to find out more.