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The Bridge

In the 80’s budgets were high, and creativity was unleashed in extraordinary directions, however now, the more savvy marketer has to compete with a virtual world and a miniscule budget. Ideas need to be more creative and with GDPR restricting some recent tactics, the marketer has a larger task at hand.

Marketing is the bridge between the product/service and the audience.

Often mocked by uninformed, marketing would appear to be a drain on company expenditure.  Indeed, there is the age old wrangle of Sales versus Marketing ; which comes first? Which is of more value to the company?  Does a company spend a hefty fee on one sales person that can reach say 30 people a day – or a marketing mind that can reach beyond a known audience, into a wider more expansive community and pull demand to the doorstep?  Why make the choice – have both!

Done correctly, and running in parallel, there should not be a dormant pedal on the metaphoric bicycle, but a symbiotic approach from both sales and marketing to power forward, increase momentum and win business!

This sketch below outlines the above.   The eager audience have no idea yet that they need your product/service.  The owners of the product/service know how great their offering is, and continue to refine and polish it.  However, they can’t understand why no one can see it.

The illustration shows the merit of both sales and marketing.  

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 08.45.27

Sales :

The audience are carried by the Sales boat across to the Product/Service Island. They are taken on a journey, where they are nurtured, their problems understood, their issues discussed.  By the time they reach the island they have fully engaged with the salient points of what this product/service will do for them.  Hurrah.  Advocates, longstanding relationships with clients are the backbone, and the core foundations.

Meanwhile, the Marketer is standing on the bridge shouting (Broadcasting)

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 08.53.37

Tentatively, the audience start to listen and, as marketing has the capability to reach a far wider global audience, even the small number of early adopters that begin to walk the bridge, will make a difference.

She gathers data, who came first, which route did they prefer, how did they engage, what was their purpose and from that she builds reports.  Tweaking and refining her message , testing the market and direction in response,  a trend begins to emerge.

When they reach the island and find the marvellous product/service waiting for them,  they have already a platform ready to start shouting alongside the marketer.  (Amplification). That serves to strengthen the brand, and bring more customers to the bridge.

Ideally, the Sales boat will be travelling alongside the bridge – giving the marketer more feedback from their advocates that will help form the content and direction of her messaging.

Marketing Audit.

Our Marketing audit involves a 3-4 hour onsite briefing/meeting and provides a full report of findings.  Weaknesses and Strengths, gaps and recommendations.

From that we create a road map, where you are along that road, and your ultimate goal . . . and (using this metaphor above), we help you build the bridge.

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