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We’re always proud to work with leading brands, and Dimplex was no exception.

Dimplex heritage dates back to the 1940’s when electricity and home heating became synonymous.  The log fire, the main way of heating a home in those days, was gradually replaced when the first big brand portable domestic storage heaters took to the market in 1961.

The first heating element was recorded as being invented in 1905 by Albert Marsh, and what we take for granted now was, in fact, only introduced within my lifetime.

As a child, I recall my mother referring to ‘The Dimplex’ when she would wheel the small electric radiator into the living room to warm my grandfather’s socks.  Considered a ‘new fangled’ heater in the 60’s, we were amongst many to buy this portable device and bring it into our home, and on those cold winter (snowy) mornings in the 60’s my brother and I would fight over who would have the Dimplex in our bedroom!

Just like we refer to ‘hoovering’ instead of ‘vacuuming’ (all credit to Hoover) – even now I refer to getting “the Dimplex” – regardless of the brand of heater we have in the house.

All credit to Dimplex marketing back then, that put the personality behind the brand, and gave us a name to remember.

At the Ideal Home Show this year, Dimplex is presenting their new range of heaters, the hot water tap, and a really handy desk buddy. Despite economic high’s and lows, Dimplex is still a market leader and their appearance at this cutting edge “Home” show,  makes the statement ‘We are here to stay’!