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DCE 2016 – A message from our Chairman

“As we head towards the close of 2016, we are reflecting on the many landmark events within the company.  The 10% growth we’ve seen this year is testament to the hard work and dedication of all our staff and the support of all our suppliers.

We moved  into our new 21,000 sq ft storage facility,  we opened our London Office and we have gone through a total re-brand of the company whilst still retaining the core values and ethos we have nurtured since we began in 1990.

Furthermore, we have been nominated as preferred supplier for 2 International exhibition organisers, we’ve installed a number of premium brands into airports across Europe and also won an award for “Best Design and Build Company 2016” from the CV Magazine.

As we move into 2017, we know that the exhibition space is becoming even more viable with the enhancements of IOT technology and the continued development of social capital. We are gearing up our facilities, our team and our global presence to respond to these changes and continue to provide the level of service we are renowned for.

Having built our reputation on relationships, we know our clients seek not only a company that responds but, a company that engages.  Using our experience and initiative, we ensure that the quality of your reputation is upheld by the attention to detail that we invest. 

We are excited for 2017 and at this time want to thank our valued partners, our trusted suppliers, our clients and of course our own team of DCE heroes that continue to underpin our core values of trust and reliability.

Happy Christmas

David Cox