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BD – Before Digital!

So what’s the buzz with GDPR

Now SPAM marketing is off the radar

Many marketers will sweat over how to reach out

But this is where our history carries the clout.

No problems here at DCE,

We’ve been marketing since 1990.


What did we do before digital you say

Well we had to do things another way


We took time to find out who our clients were.

We took time to find out where the pain points occur.

We took time to create campaigns that’d hit the spot,

And understand what you liked and what you did not.


Now, when we talk of engagement, it’s all online.

But we’d engage on a golf course, or over a bottle of wine!

So are we worried about marketing under GDPR,

Not when our marketing toolkit reaches so far!


There’s Royal Mail, there’s hospitality, there’s networking and more.

Let’s not forget advertising that lands on the floor.

The physical, not digital, not virtual, but real.

A perfect campaign that customers will feel.


A marketer in the 90’s had creativity abound,

Multi-sensory experiences that are now seldom found.

DCE are feeling ahead of the game,

And we hope if you’re reading this, you’re feeling much the same.


No more rubbish, no more nonsense, & no more spam,

Just useful info from people who know who I am.

#turningfullcircle #retro #howitwasbefore

Hand written contact landing at your door.


Where do go from here? Just give us a call.

You know that good old telephone, (now dusty in the hall).


Our marketing services are on offer to you.

Come take a workshop, pick up a tip or two.

Embrace the change, go retro,  meet prospects in the bar.

Rise to the challenge and embrace GDPR.