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53rd Paris Air Show

Back in 1908 a small section of the Paris Motor Show was given over to aircraft, and the following year a dedicated Air Show took place in the Grand Palais where 100,000 visitors flocked to see the latest innovations in air travel.

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The show was disrupted during the first and second world wars, starting up again properly after the second world war.  In 1949 the show, as we know it today, started up every second year and has continued since.

This year heralds the 53rd Paris Air show and is recorded to be the largest aerospace-industry exhibition in the world, measured by the number of exhibitors and the size of exhibit space.

We are always proud to represent our brands, and the airshows have to be one of the most exciting places to build. It’s a phenomenal moment to watch so many military and civilian aircraft from over 2000 exhibitors being brought into Paris – Le Bourget Airport and installed for the show.  Since its launch, the Show has been at the very heart of developments in the global aerospace market, for which it has become the most important meeting place over the years.

The interactive show map supplied by the organisers is a great way to navigate the show and make sure you see all the most relevant exhibits.

Tickets for the general public are available from the organisers here, and all other information can be found on their site in terms of Trade days, times and directions.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Paris from 17th to 23rd of June, this should be an event to add to your calendar!

If you are an exhibitor reading this, and would like to talk to our team about your build for coming shows, please contact us via the site, or head to EuroFighter, Saab, or HondaJet where you’ll no doubt find Scott in his favourite spot!


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