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I’m always impressed by the way in which people come together as a team, whether in a football match, on a yacht, in the armed services, or in the olympics . .  we witness a movement of solidarity, a formed community and a shared sense of purpose.

With the Olympics about to start this weekend, and with some of our guys at the Chelsea Football Club this week, doing a suite install – I was drawn to consider all the many ways we see teamwork in action.

The best team is one that share a unified goal, knowing that by holding one another up, rather than pulling one another down, they will achieve success.

Team GB in Rio will be no doubt drawing on one another’s tenacity, and bolstering one another’s resolve to drive themselves to individual, and collective, success. We’ll be glued to our televisions watching their progress and applauding their efforts even when the results are against us. It’s not just about winning is it – it’s about taking part.

Closer to home, when organising team building events we’ve witnessed first hand the natural, (and surprising), skills that people uncover when faced with tasks or activities that take them out of their comfort zone.   How the quiet shy admin assistant can yell like a gorilla, and bring her team to action, when faced with moving a landrover across a muddy river, and nothing can beat the quiet resolve of an encouraging MD allowing his team to shine, and take the credit, for a successful outcome.

I’ve been moved by the camaraderie of injured ex-servicemen working as a unit onboard a yacht in the Cowes regatta, each independently responsible for their role as helmsman, bowman, skipper etc but knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of all parts, as they throw their personal caution to the wind and embrace the determined resolve for their team to win.

On the turf, rugby, cricket, football players all understand that their individual skills  are only a fraction of the collective team skills required to win a match.  And finally, the rowers, possibly the most perfect orchestration of visual and physical teamwork, as each crew member responds to the coxswain’s instructions to keep in perfect time as each oar enters the water.

Teams rise and fall on culture, leadership, relationships, attitude and effort.

Unity is the difference between a great team and an average team. United teams are connected and committed to each other. They are selfless instead of selfish. They put the team first and know that by doing so, they will accomplish more.

The DCE Team?  Although each is responsible for their own area, we all pull together to bring all the components that enable us to do fabulous work for our clients.  The fact that our clients come back year on year – means we are doing ok!

The Olympic Team – we’re behind them 100%. Knowing this year above all there will be a new level of tension in the stadium as these unique sportsmen and women take part in one of the most renowned sporting events of all time. 

Good luck Team GB!